25 January 2022


By Anthea Pollock

Approximately four years ago, the following question was posed on Quora, America’s social question-and-answer website platform: “Why do people say that Cape Town is the most beautiful city in the world?  The varied responses reflected the diversity of appeal that this magnetic city embodies.

It is therefore unsurprising that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were considering relocating to the Mother City in 2019.  Prince Harry’s uncle, Earl Charles Spencer, spent a number of years residing in Tarrystone, a lavish estate in Cape Town’s suburb of Constantia.  It’s no secret that Princess Diana was a regular visitor, making a trip to South Africa months before her tragic death.

According to an article published by Independent Online News Media in November 2018, Michael Jackson was so enamoured with Cape Town that he wanted to erect a statue of himself in the city square.  The piece went on to suggest that Idris Alba and Miley Cyrus are two of the city’s greatest advocates.  Evidently, as are the readers of the United Kingdom’s Telegraph, who bestowed the title ‘Greatest City on Earth’ on Cape Town in 2018.

More recently, the Mother City was awarded ‘World’s Best Festival and Events Destination’ at the 2021 World Travel Awards.  In addition, the Annual New York Times prestigious 2021 travel list, titled ‘52 Best Places to Travel’, listed South Africa as the 15th best travel destination in the world.  Which poses the question: Why is Cape Town considered the jewel in the crown of South African Tourism? 

It would be fair to suggest that the spectacular merging of two oceans and breathtaking coastal scenery; the prominent flat-topped mountain with its tablecloth of clouds; the stunningly diverse marine and wild animal life; and the majestically picturesque Cape vineyards; merely scratch the surface of Cape Town’s charms.