Risk Free Money-Back Guarantee 

Whilst every Cape Town Pass is VALID A FULL YEAR from purchase, we understand that plans change. Thats why every purchase comes with a FREE Money-Back Guarantee

Benefits of the Money-Back Guarantee

  • 100% refund up until the day you activate your Pass or Passes
  • Shop with confidence in case of any changes
  • Simple and quick refund process

How does the Guarantee work?

When you purchase The Cape Town Pass, you will automatically receive a guarantee against any non-use of the product for free, giving you a full refund if you do not use and activate your pass.

This Money Back Guarantee provides an extra level of protection, meaning you can buy in confidence knowing that you will get your money back in case your plans change. 

How to claim?

If you find you need to cancel your purchase, simply email us at info@capetownpass.com with your full name, your CTP order reference number and the details of your refund request.

We will process your claim within five working days by refunding your order back to your bank card. It is that simple! 

Buy Cape Town Pass online now with 100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee >>