Captain Jack's is the only licensed Whale & Dolphin operator in Hout Bay. As soon as there's a sighting of these amazing creatures, we can get you out to see them... fast!

Our Whale Watching trips are 2 hours long. We head out towards Kommetjie via Noordhoek and look for whales and sea life all along the way. While we cannot guarantee whale sightings, our expert guide will answer all your sea life questions and ensure that your trip is memorable.


  • Ride on an exhilarating high-speed boat
  • Whales sighted during June to November
  • Dolphins sighted all-year round
  • Beautiful costal views


Dolphins regularly visit the bay to feed and frolic. Between June and November of each year, the Southern Right Whale passes through, journeying from the Cold Antarctica to calve in the warm waters around Cape Town.

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing real wildlife in one of the most stunning bays in the world! We have Whales, Dolphins and Seals all visiting regularly and we are uniquely positioned to be the only boat operator that can get you out to see them as soon as they appear.

Truly an amazing experience and one you’ll never forget!


Long before they became a protected species in 1935, southern right whales were considered the ‘right whales’ to hunt because of their slow swimming speeds and the fact that their carcasses float. These days, their population has grown again, and they’re fairly common to spot off the coast of Cape Town.

Southern right whales can be distinguished by the callosities (rough patches of skin covered in barnacles) on their heads as well as their long arching mouths and characteristic double blowhole. They average 15m in length and can weigh a whopping 60 tons! The whales migrate annually from Antarctica to the coast around Cape Town to calve their offspring. They usually arrive in June and stay until November.


Present your Cape Town Pass to enjoy 20% off a Whale & Dolphin Watching experience. This offer is valid for up to 7-days after your Pass has expired.

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